Monday, February 9, 2009

Malagkit (Rice Cake)

This recipe has been on draft for a long time. It's been a while since I last blogged. I have just been too busy and too tired whenever I had time. Anyhow, since then, I had also continued cooking and trying new recipes. Being away from home and not having access to my favorite delicacies, I am forced to improvise and make them in my kitchen. Here is one of my favorite Filipino delicacies that I just took forgranted when I was still in Manila because they can easily be bought from the fresh market. This is easy to make and for me it tastes like home. I have tried baking the malagkit with egg but it just doesn't end up the way I want it to.

1 cup malagkit (sticky rice) - I bought mine at an Asian store in Seattle, WA but I have seen this available at a Filipino store. They have got to have this.
2 1/2 cups water
1 can (12 oz) coconut milk - You can use whatever brand you like. I used the LOW FAT kind because I'm on a diet. This is one of the amazing things here in the U.S. Almost everything in the grocery has a lowfat or nonfat kind. =)
1/4 cup brown sugar - Or you can add more depending on how sweet you want your malagkit to be. Recently, I have been in the Filipino store in Utah and got myself some palm sugar. I will use that next time.

Cook rice in rice cooker. While waiting for the rice to cook, in a pot, bring coconut with sugar to a boil while stirring constantly. After it boils, lower heat and let simmer for a few minutes until the coconut milk reduces to half. Continue stirring so that sugar doesn't burn. The sugar mixture should turn into brownish color. When rice is done, add the steaming hot rice into the sugar mixture. Mix well and transfer into a well-greased (with butter or PAM) deep-dish and just spread the rice into the dish. It's great served warm or chilled in the refrigirator.

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