Monday, February 23, 2009

Taho, Arnibal, and Sago

Thanks to Manang for her Taho Quick Fix. Unfortunately, I didn't find any Silken Tofu in the grocery store here so I just picked a soft tofu that says in the label that it's good for custard and shakes. For the syrup (arnibal), I combined 1/2 cup brown sugar with 1/2 cup water and let the mixture simmer. To prepare the sago I let 1/2 cup of the tapioca pearls (I used small tapioca pearls) soak in 2 cups of water overnight (I actually left them there for 18 hours). And then I drained the water and cooked the tapioca in a small sauce pan with 1 1/2 cup water. I let the water simmer with the pot uncovered. After it simmered I removed the pot from the stove and covered it just to let the sago cook a little bit more with the heat of the water. After the sago has cooled I drained the water. And the sago is done! Here are images of the raw tapioca soaking and the sago after it has been cooked. To serve the taho, I put everything together (tofu, arnibal, sago) on a microwaveable bowl and let them warm up on the microwave for 30 seconds on high.
I only wish I have nata de coco to add to this taho. I've had taho with nata de coco in Shopwise Cubao. It was gooood!

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