Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Missing Pinakbet No More

It's been a while since I last had pinakbet. Way back home Pinakbet is often served at our dinner table but since I moved to the U.S. for some reason I haven't cooked this dish.

Thank goodness I still have some precious-as-gold-bagoong in my pantry!

Instead of using FRESH okra, I had to use the canned one. I've never seen that vegetable fresh in any of the groceries here. I wish I also have bittersweet melons (ampalaya) added to this dish though I don't think it's available or sold in this area. Anyway, here is how my pinakbet turned out. I used Barrio Fiesta bagoong (which I brought over from the Philippines), green beans (because there's no sitaw here), eggplant (I cannot find the Asian kind so I used the humongous eggplant), shrimp, pork (I used pork shoulder), okra, squash (I used acorn squash because getting the bigger variety would mean food going to waste), and tomatoes.

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