Sunday, April 19, 2009

Filipino Egg Pie

For my 1st LaPiS entry I made a Filipino Egg Pie. Thanks to Manang for the recipe. This was the first recipe that came to mind given the Easter Egg Hunt theme. It's such an eggy recipe but you can barely taste that eggs are in it (that's what I think).

First time I did this recipe, the taste of honey became overpowering and the top didn't really brown but on this second attempt, it was perfect (soft, moist, not too sweet, just right) even if I forgot to add the cornstarch. Next few times I make it, I will try to experiment with the use of condensed / evaporated milk instead of fresh milk. There is a different kind of sweetness to the egg pies sold in the bakeries in Manila. The use of canned milk might make that difference.

As a kid, egg pie really wasn't one of my favorites although my mom often buys some for our merienda. I rarely ate it when I was still in Manila. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Having no access to this kind of pie (and many other Filipino dishes), I missed it and it became one of my favorite pies / comfort food.


  1. me love egg pie so much

    my entry is heremagandang araw ka-lasa-ista :)
    Salamat sa pagbisita :)

  2. i love egg pie. i remember as a kid I was quite addicted buying a slice almost everyday!

  3. wow! such a daring entry! for me at least:) never did my own egg pie ever...in time...:) and welcome to LaPiS! hope to see more from you tukayo:)

  4. jay and iska - thanks for dropping by. talagang nakakamiss ang egg pie lalo na pag walang mapagbilhan.
    cel- try it! madali lang. =)

  5. Hello Cel, ive been looking for egg recipes and here i stumbled on your blog :) thanks for the idea. I'm also a fan of Manang's recipes. I will try one of ur recipes too :) would u mind if we exchange links? im starting out a food blog. hope you could drop by, thanks! God bless..

  6. wow!addictedako dyn sa eggpie!salamat sa tiyaga mong magpaskin ng blog mo,it really helps!

  7. Hi Bubbly- Sure.
    Hi Jayney- Thanks for dropping by. Glad it helped you.

  8. huwag kang magsasawa sa amin ha?